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We're using this program right now, level 1. My daughter loves it so far.

Learning About Ahadith

Ahadith (singular: hadith) are narrations of things that Prophet Muhammad said, did, or approved of, in other words, things that form  his "sunnah."  As Muslims, we first and foremost take our knowledge from the Quraan and Sunnah. So, it is important to learn about ahadith, which transmit the sunnah to us.

This post contains resources to help teach kids about ahadith.

Categories of Actions (Rulings of Fiqh)

Actions in the study of fiqh are divided into 5 categories.....

  • Waajib (obligatory)
  • Mustahabb (recommendable)
  • Mubaah (permissible)
  • Makrooh (detested)
  • Haraam (forbidden)
We have studied the categories (on the introductory level of course) in our homeschool and here are some resources that I made:

Categories of Actions - Chart

Categories of Actions - Homeschool Teaching  Notes includes handwriting practice of the 5 terms in Arabic. 8 pages, PDF

    Categories of Actions Worksheet - (Rulings of Fiqh: Waajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, and Haraam). Two worksheets where students categorize different actions.

    Waajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, Haraam WorksheetsWaajib, Mustahabb, Mubaah, Makrooh, Haraam Worksheets

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    The Hijri Calendar

    The Hijri calendar is the calendar that Muslims use. In this post you'll find some basic facts about the Hijri calendar as well as printables to help you teach your kids/students about it.

    Hijri/Islamic Calendar Wall/Bulletin Board Display Sets (Arabic & English)

    Hijri Calendar Bulletin Board Display Set, updated 2017 (FREE)

    Use a bulletin board display to help teach the Hijri calendar!

    Take a peek at what's included in this kit:

    Advice on Raising Muslim Children (from the Sunnah)

    This was posted on one of my homeschooling e-groups some years ago. It is very long but I found it extremely helpful.(sorry for the formatting, it didn't copy well) ;) Worth a read!

    Various ahadeeth on raising children - dars given by the talib ul ilm Musa Richardson.
    Musa did his research on the topic from the following sources:

    • 6 main books of ahadith, which are bukhari, muslim, tirmidhi, abu dawud, ibn majah and an nasa'ee and their explanations.
    • A'laamul hadith by Imaam Khataabee, which is the explanation of saheeh Bukhari,
    • Muf'him, which is the explanation of saheeh muslim by Imaam Qurtubee.
    • Iqmaal al mu'lim of Imaam Qadee Iyaad.
    • Ifsaah of Imaam Ibn Ubayrah.
    • Sharh of Imaam Nawawee of saheeh muslim.
    • Mishqaat al masaabeeh.
    • And other sources too.

    The Importance of Establishing Daily Routines

    Children thrive on routines. They help give them a sense of security and help them to become more self-disciplined.

    Below are a few articles that discuss the importance of routines for children and following, a few printables that I have made over the years for my kids for daily routines.


    This one is for multiple children
    Islamic Oriented Morning Chart 2
    This one comes in six different color choices (I used to color code my kids for everything when they were all little). This one is for 1 child.
    This one is for multiple children

    This one comes in 4 different colors (sorry, the pink one is messed up and I don't think I have the original file). This is for a two sided template so that 1 child can check off each day for 1 month.

    51 Practical Tips for Establishing (or Re-establishing) an Islamic Atmosphere in the Home

    51 Practical Tips for Establishing an Islamic Atmosphere in the Home

    The first several years after we became Muslim, no matter what we had, it felt like an Islamic household. Over the years (especially after moving to Muslim countries, go figure), that Islamic feel had begun to creep away. So, I brainstormed ways to get that atmosphere back (and did a little googling) and came up with these tips, some of which I have started using (or re-using) already. The checklist list is categorized so you can quickly find tips to put into action according to your biggest/most pressing needs, in shaa Allah.

    Creating an Islamic atmosphere is much more than gussying up the decor of your home, in fact it's just a small part. While the checklist includes suggestions for visual enhancements it also includes behavior/actions you can take to get (or put back) that Islamic feeling in your home, in shaa Allah.

    Creating an Islamic Atmosphere in the Home (PDF)
    (from 2011)